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Chimney Fire

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A very well dressed group of High Point firefighters responded to a report of a possible chimney fire on Edward Foard Road Tuesday, November 27th at 1:45 PM. Firefighters had just left the funeral of one of their departments founders, Charles Rorie, when the alarm came in. Firefighters arrived to find heavy oily smoke coming from the chimney but no visible fire. On further investigation it appeared that the homes kerosene heater was malfunctioning. The home’s occupant had already turned the heater off but it continued to burn. Firefighters had to shut off the fuel supply to stop the heater. Using a ladder truck, one team of firefighters inspected the chimney while another entered the homes attic space to check for damage. The home appeared to be undamaged and the occupant was advised that the heater should not be used until it could be repaired.
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